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How Zalec Beer Fountain Works. At the price of 6 euros you can buy a jug equipped with microchip that can be filled up to a maximum of 5 times with 100 ml of beer in one of the 5 distributors that make up the fountain of beer of Zalec.

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Fountain of green gold, Fontana piv Zeleno zlato Žalec, Zalec. 876 likes · 683 were here. Žalec, which is known for its hop plantations, is pressing ahead with plans to build a fountain which spouts.

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September, October: Monday - Thursday, Sunday - from 10 am to 8 pm, Friday - Saturday - from 10 am to 9 pm. Best time to visit hops plantations: from mid August to beginning of September. Best time to taste beers from beer fountain: from April to October. If you need more local tips about Zalec surroundings, send me an email to vesna.

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First Beer Fountain in the World. Fountain of the Green Gold represents a tribute to the hop heritage of Žalec and Lower Savinja Valley, which embodies the centre of hop growing industry in Slovenia.. [email protected]; FROM APRIL 5 ONWARDS Monday: 11:00-18:00 Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday: 10:00-18:00 Friday-Saturday: 10:00-19:00. MAY

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On September 6, a small town in Slovenia opened the first ever "beer fountain" in Europe where several hundred beer-lovers and curious spectators around the world gathered in the small town of Zalec for the inauguration. Zalec's new attraction, dreamed up by local entrepreneurs a few years ago, might be the coolest thing ever but it will.

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The latest tourist attraction in Zalec is the Green Gold beer Fountain, which attracts many domestic and foreign visitors. It is located in the city park, next to the market. The story of the beer fountain dates back to 2014. It was created on the initiative of the then president of the Association of Tourist Associations of the Municipality of.

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The first of its kind in Europe, the beer fountain in Žalec isn't quite the free-flowing pivo extravaganza that you might presume it is. It isn't a fountain, for a start, and you can't just rock up to it with your own glass and guzzle to your heart's content. The 'fountain' is made up of six 'pumps', each offering a different.

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The small town of Žalec in Slovenia is home to a unique fountain that flows not with water, but with the hoppy goodness of beer. It is an original project, the first of its kind, and commemorates the local culture and tradition. by Vid Sosic. 13 January 2023. Slovenia / Travel & Food.

Public beer fountain in Žalec, Slovenia YouTube

Did you know that there is a place in the world whose public fountain, from where, instead of water, beer comes out? This place actually exists, and it is in the Slovenian town of Žalec. My curiosity about this place. Continued

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The World's first and only beer fountain. Take a trip from Celje to Žalec and you will find a great specialty there: a beer fountain named Green Gold. Namely, Žalec is the national hub of hops. Arriving there in summer before harvesting, you will find yourself in the midst of endless hops fields. In harmony with the surrounding hills, this.

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Zalec, a small town in Slovenia, is planning to build a fountain that spurts out drinkable beer. The fountain will dispense a variety of local beers, with visitors invited to pay six euros for.

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The small town of Zalec, Slovenia has decided to build a public fountain. Sounds pretty mundane, right? Not when you consider that beer will be flowing from it instead of water! Instead of the fountain spraying beer into a bowl, like you're thinking about in your head, there will be spigots. File this under "Dreams Come True." The small town of.

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In September 2016, in the town of Žalec in Eastern Slovenia, a public beer fountain opened. It is the first and only one in the world. The fountain is named Green Gold, and it is a great meeting place for beers lovers, tourists, and curious people.. [email protected]. Tourist Information Centre Žalec T: +386 3 710 04 34 E: tic@zkst.

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The construction of the Green Gold Fountain started in April 2016 and the opening ceremony will take place on 6th September 2016, on the anniversary of the second all-Slovenian national meeting from 1868, which is a holiday of the Municipality of Žalec. The beer fountain is positioned in the town park, in the town centre, next to the marketplace.

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To get your beer, you place the mug on the dispenser, and the fountain will pour you some of the beer you chose. The tasting costs 8€ and includes six 100ml samples of beer (last checked in march 2020). And as a bonus, the tasing mug is yours to keep. If you're planning to visit Zalec, keep in mind that the fountain isn't open all the time.

Beer Fountain A unique taste of green gold in Žalec Beer, Green and

Such fountain was installed in Žalec to commemorate the rich hops-growing tradition in this part of Slovenia. Its name, Green Gold, expresses the important role played by hops in Žalec and the Lower Savinja Valley. Instead of water, pour some beer from the fountain, made by Slovenia's micro brewers. The Fountain was given the Sejalec 2017.