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This peony variety looks like a frosty scoop of raspberry sherbet floating in a mug of peach soda. Luscious pink double flowers with cream tones really do look like their namesake; play up their ice cream colors by surrounding them with companions such as Nemesia caerulea 'Compact Innocence' (white flowers) or 'Compact Pink'. '. ' Raspberry Sundae' blooms in midspring and grows.

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Color: peonies are available in many colors, including white, pink, red, coral, or yellow. Form: peony flowers may be single, semi-double, fully double, Japanese, and offer various lovely shapes: Anemone and Single (1 row of guard petals), Lotus (2 to 3 rows of guard petals),.

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Yellow Peonies. The 'Misaka' Itoh Peony starts with orange blooms that transition to a sunny yellow with flashes of red at the center. The grower notes the flowers are especially disease-resistant and produce a mild fragrance. The 'Sunny Girl' peony starts with yellow flowers that shift to chartreuse the longer they're in bloom.

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Coral peonies are a unique type of peony that can change colour as they bloom. In terms of symbolism, coral peonies are often associated with elegance, good fortune, success, and strong relationships. They can also represent happiness and abundance. 5. Purple peonies. Purple peonies are often associated with royalty, nobility, and dignity.

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Peonies, or Paeonia, is a genus of perennial flowering plants from Asia, Europe, and Western North America with between 25 and 40 species.Scientists now agree the number of species is 33, but there are also about 6,500 cultivars. Best known for their showy and fragrant flower, come in a stunning range of colors, and exceptional hardiness, and long life (can bloom for 50 years or longer.

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Peonies have a long and rich history resulting from years of hybridization and how durable these flowers are. Peonies can come in multiple shades of pink, red, yellow, white, orange, peach, etc. Not only that but the color of the peony flower is packed with meaning. In this article, we will cover some of the different colors a peony can come in.


Red Peony Flowers. Red is the color of passion, fury, intensity, and drama. It's unrivaled where those traits are concerned โ€” there is simply no other color that comes close if you want to express your deepest love for someone, like your spouse or partner. The red peony makes a fantastic alternative to the customary red rose on Valentine.

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10. Cardinal Vaughan (Paeonia suffruticosa 'Cardinal Vaughan') The Cardinal Vaughan peony is a tree variety peony that produces semi-double flowers with broad, papery petals ranging from a purplish-magenta hue to a ruby red. The double row of petals forms a bowl shape around a bright-yellow center of stamens. 11.

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I love coral peonies! Pink Hawaiian Coral brings a tropical vibe to the garden. It is a lovely semi-double flower that is a light coral color that gradually fades to a soft creamy peach color. It is an early blooming peony and has a wonderful fragrance. Many flowers bloom on their stalks. They have big blossoms that may require staking. Bridal.

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Flower colors: There are white, pink, red, coral, maroon, and yellow blooming varieties. Many change color as they open, so check them daily to see the differences. Fragrance: Many peony flowers are fragrant, some are sweet, some citrusy, and others slightly spicy. Pests and diseases: Japanese beetles can be a problem for peony plants.

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This type of peony is most commonly used in gardens and as cut flowers. Herbaceous peonies offer a wide variety of flower types from single peonies to semi-double peonies, double, bomb, Japanese, and Anemone peonies. The colors also vary, which range from deep red to yellow, white, cream, pink, rose, and more.

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Flower Color: White, pink, rose, red, deep purple, and coral: Hardiness Zones: 3-9 (depending on variety) Native Area: Asia, Europe, and Western North America:. In order to set their flower buds, peony roots should be planted relatively close to the soil surfaceโ€”only about 2-to 3-inches deep. It may feel odd to leave roots so exposed, but.

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The "Paula Fay" peony is a rich rose color with a yellow middle. It is a semi-double bloom, so the flowers are more delicate than double peonies. Blush. So delicate and romantic, blush peonies are a bride's dream flower for her bouquet or for centerpieces.

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Due to the sheer number of large bomb peony flowers, you may need to stalk the peony to give it support. Color: Pink and lilac. Flowering Season: Late spring to mid-summer. Height/Width: 2-3 feet/2-3 feet. Sunlight Requirement: Full to partial sun. USDA Zone: 3-8. Popular Peony Varieties based on Color and Availability

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The itoh peony, or intersectional peony (Paeonia lemoinei x Paeonia lactiflora), is a hybrid of the first two types. These types of peonies offer more unusual colors, such as orange and yellow. Some popular varieties include 'Bartzella' and 'Cora Louise'. They grow to a middle height between the garden and tree types, usually about 3 feet tall.

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Try 'Neon', a Japanese Peony with a bright pink center for a deeper pink. They flower midseason on tall stems up to 36 inches in height. Try these other cultivars for a wide range of pink shades and shapes: Do Tell. Comanche. Lady Alexandra Duff. Martha Bulloch. Dinner Plate.