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This nectarine smoothie recipe is a fruity, refreshing, tropical drink you can enjoy for an easy breakfast or sweet snack. Made with fresh summer nectarines, mango, banana, and orange juice this smoothie is the perfect way to rise and shine! A simple breakfast you can make with nectarines or peaches. Naturally sweet, vegan, and dairy-free, this.

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Ingredients. 3/4 cup lemon Greek yogurt; 1/2 cup orange juice; 2 tablespoons lime juice; 2 tablespoons honey; 2 cups crushed ice; 2 medium nectarines or peaches, peeled, cubed and frozen

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Since it is hot, all you feel like having is something cold all the time. Stone fruits are also a lot in season, so sharing with you this delicious and filling Banana Nectarine Smoothie, that can easily become a meal! I wouldn't have thought of combining these two fruits if not the idea on the back of a pack of wheatgerm.

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Ingredient Notes and Substitutions. Nectarines: these should be quite ripe and sweet to taste best in this recipe.You can mix with peaches or ripe apricots to make a mixed stone-fruit smoothie. Yogurt: use any kind of yogurt you like, but note that it should be quite mild, and not strong like a kefir or Greek-style.Coconut yogurt is a good combination here.

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Blueberry Nectarine Smoothie Calories — A Not-So-Guilty Pleasure. A homemade blueberry nectarine smoothie typically has roughly 99 calories per serving (200 ml, one glass). The amount of calories you need per day varies depending on your gender, age, height, weight, activity level, and overall health.

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Note 1: Freeze chopped nectarines prior to blending if a colder smoothie (almost like a milkshake) is desired. Note 2: I used regular yogurt since nectarines have such a light, delicate flavor. If you use Greek-style yogurt it will have extra tang due to the nature of that style of yogurt and may lessen the nectarine flavor.

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Instructions. Put the fruit, milk beverage, orange juice, and sweetener in your blender. Blend until smooth, about 1 minute. You can either blend in some ice for a thicker smoothie, or pour the smoothie over ice. Garnish the smoothie with sliced nectarines and mint sprigs, if desired.

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Ingredients. 1/2 lb. strawberries. 1 large nectarine, pitted. 1 large orange, peeled. 6-8 raspberries. 1/2 cup orange or lime juice (if you want your smoothie thinner)

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This nectarine smoothie is creamy, smooth, and tastes like summer. It would also be delicious with any other stone fruit: peaches, plums, apricots, or the white-fleshed versions of any of these fruits. Alter it however you like and enjoy! Fresh Nectarine Smoothie . Print. Serves: 2.

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Instructions. Place ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Start by adding 1 tablespoon of liquid and then add more, 1 tablespoon at a time, until smoothie is blended but stick thick. Pour into a bowl, top with your choice of toppings and enjoy!

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If you enjoy this apple and nectarine smoothie try my others: Mango Lassi. Spinach Lassi. Kiwi & Banana Lassi. Melon & Honey Lassi. Blueberry Lassi . Yield: 4 Nectarine & Apple Lassi. Print Ingredients. 250 ml ( 1 Cup ) Greek Yogurt 2 apples 2 nectarines 1 tbspn honey ( optional ).

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Remove skin (optional): Place 2 to 3 nectarines into a pot of boiling water for 3 seconds. A slotted spoon works great. Then transfer the nectarines into a bowl with ice water. After a minute or so, the nectarines will be cool to the touch and the skin will slide right off.

Nectarine Smoothies Recipe Nectarine smoothie, Smoothies, Recipes

Ingredients. 2 nectarines. 2 carrots. 3 to 4 leaves kale, or spinach or wheatgrass. 1 to 2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds, walnuts , sesame seeds, or almonds. 1 to 2 cups oat, rice, almond, or cow's milk.

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This nectarine smoothie is a cold, creamy, and refreshing smoothie made with fresh sweet nectarines, juicy oranges, and a ripe banana to help thicken it up. It's naturally sweetened without refined sugars and is full of protein and good fats to keep you fueled for hours! Table of Contents hide.

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Nectarine Sunshine Smoothie. 4.7 (34) 22 Reviews. 11 Photos. A tart sweet blend of fruit that's a perfect way to greet the day. Submitted by Sarah-May. Updated on October 8, 2022. Save. Rate. Print Share. Trending Videos. Close this video player. Add Photo 11. 11. 11. 11. Prep Time: 10 mins. Additional Time: 20 mins. Total Time: 30 mins.

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This nectarine smoothie is light, refreshing, and has a delightful sweet flavor and incredible creamy texture because of the ripe fresh nectarines. Nectarines come second only to mangoes for me in their solo ability to cream up a smoothie. Because of their natural velvety texture, nectarines are brilliant additions to smoothies. and you don't.