Magic Coffee Recipes Adding A Little Bit Extra To Your Brew

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The magic is an Australian coffee that originated in the cafes of Melbourne. It's very rare to find it on menus outside Melbourne. So if you've never heard of it you're in the majority. Simply put, the magic is made in a 5oz cup with a double ristretto (the first half of an espresso shot ), then topped up flat white style milk (which is milk.

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Magic coffee has a sweeter and less intense taste, even though that taste is more pronounced. Magic Coffee vs. Piccolo. The piccolo also originates from Australia, and uses ristretto espresso accordingly. The drink consists of a single ristretto shot and 90 milliliters of steamed milk, which is notably foamier like would be used for a.

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M&S Magic Coffee, £3.15, is available to drink in or take-away now in 330 M&S Cafés across the UK, as well as 18 of M&S' newest Foodhall self-service coffee machines.

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A magic coffee is composed of a double ristretto and 130ml of textured milk (microfoam), served in a 5or 6 oz ceramic cup. While similar to a latte or a flat white, the use of ristretto shots and the smaller ratio of microfoam to coffee is what gives the magic its unique flavor and texture.

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Let the magic begin! This mysterious coffee, almost exclusively to Melbourne's coffee culture, is Magic Coffee. This specialty coffee is not on every menu, but it certainly signals the barista a distinctive, coffee-savvy status if you order it. Its enchanting brew uniquely blends double ristretto shots, creating an intense, robust flavour.

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A magic coffee is a double ristretto shot pulled into a 160ml cup or glass and then topped up with steamed milk. It only has a very thin layer of microform on top and the result is something similar to a flat white but stronger. Magic coffee is an espresso-based milk coffee that has three main components. Compared to a latte, magic coffee has a.

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Combine all ingredients except milk and ice in a quart jar or other covered container. Refrigerate overnight. Fill a glass halfway with ice. Using a fine sieve or cheesecloth as a filter, pour cold-brewed coffee into the glass until it is ¾ full. Add milk of choice, half and half, or creamer to fill the rest of the glass.

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Magic coffee blends a double ristretto (30 ml) with 130 ml of smooth, silky milk. Not sure what ristretto or silky milk mean? Hang tight—I'll break it down for you in just a moment. Magic coffee packs more coffee and less milk than a latte, offering a bolder, sweeter taste compared to other espresso drinks.


Making magic coffee is an art form that demands a deep understanding of coffee brewing techniques. Baristas must expertly balance the ristretto shots with the perfectly steamed milk to achieve the magic coffee's signature taste. The Personal Touch. Each barista adds their personal touch to the magic coffee, making each cup a unique experience.


Magic coffee vs Piccolo, what is the difference? Piccolo also originates from Australia. Like magic coffee, it consists of ristretto shots and a thin layer of milk foam. But, there are a few differences between the two coffee drinks. Piccolo comes with one Ristretto shot, whereas magic coffee uses two Ristretto shots.

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To nail down magic coffee, you need to have the correct amounts of both milk and espresso. Here is a step-by-step guide on making the perfect cup of magical coffee. 1. Make a Double Ristretto. You'll need 30 ml of delicious java. Begin by making a double ristretto using your espresso machine. You'll want to pull two shots of espresso to.

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Fat: 8g. Carbohydrates: 12g. Calories: 146. The steamed milk used in Magic Coffee provides a range of macronutrients, including protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It is a good source of calcium and other essential minerals, and provides a creamy texture and sweet taste to the beverage.

Magic Coffee Recipes Adding A Little Bit Extra To Your Brew

Bring a pot of water to a boil. In a separate pot or French press, combine your ground coffee, cinnamon, and coconut oil (or butter). Pour the boiling water over the mixture and stir to combine. Allow the coffee to brew for a few minutes, then serve and enjoy. You can also add milk or cream if desired.

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A magic coffee is made by brewing a double ristretto into a 5-ounce cup and pouring steamed milk on top, per Drink Stack, which makes it very similar to a flat white. The main differences are the.

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Cortado is a classic of Spanish coffee houses. The main difference between a cortado and magic coffee is that a cortado has a 1:1 ratio of coffee to milk, rather than a 1:4 ratio. This means cortado has a much stronger flavor than magic coffee. As cortado is made by combining a 1oz espresso shot with 1oz of steamed milk, it is much smaller at.

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As magic coffee calls for a double ristretto shot, it is stronger than other single espresso shot drinks. Magic Coffee Steamed Milk. So we have about 40ml of liquid from the double ristretto shot. The next key piece to this magical coffee is steamed milk. Approximately 120ml of steamed milk is required, bringing the total size of a magic coffee.