Basic but Invaluable Greek Words

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Though it may seem small, saying good morning in Greek can delight those who know how to do it. Here are the steps: Hold out your hand, palm up. Say "Kalimera" (ka-lee-mer-a). Smile and give the person you're greeting a little wave. Keep your hand outstretched until they respond with "Efharisto" (eh-fa-ree-sta).

Basic but Invaluable Greek Words

Meaning: Good morning/Good afternoon As a rule of thumb, you would say kaliméra (good morning) up until 12:00 p.m. and kalispéra (good afternoon/evening) in the afternoon until the end of the day. When in doubt, just use giásou/giásas. Καληνύχτα (kaliníhta) Meaning: Good night

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"Kalimera" is used to mean "good day" or "good morning" and derives from both kali or kalo ("beautiful" or "good"), and mera from imera ("day"). When it comes to traditional greetings in Greece, what you say depends on when you say it. Kalimera is especially for the morning hours while "kalo mesimeri" is rarely used but means "good afternoon."

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How to Say Good Morning in Greek

1. Greek for Hello and Goodbye: You can say hello in Greek in a formal and less formal way. The informal way is: Γειά or Γειά σου, pronounced "Yee-a" or "Yee-a su" The formal way is: Γεια σας, pronounced "Yee-a sas" The best part? You use the same words to say "goodbye"! That's one less Greek word you have to remember. 2. See you later in Greek

Καλημέρα (Good Morning in Greek) Hello!

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Translation: Good morning/Good evening/Goodnight Break Down: Kalo/i = good, mera=day, nihta=night The Greek word "Kalimera" - credits: If you're wondering how to say good morning in Greek, it's really easy: just say ' kalimera .' It can also be loosely translated into 'have a good day' in Greek.

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in formal situations, or when you're informally greeting two or more people at the same time. Use this formal version if you're addressing a stranger or an older person. Technically, the somewhat more informal "yassou" is best suited to use with people you know and people much younger than you.

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Good morning in many languages. Jump to phrases. These are phrases you use when you greet people in the morning. Exactly when you use these phrases varies from country to country. Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, sg = singular (said to one person), dl = dual (said to two people), pl = plural (said to many people).

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How do you say "good morning" and "goodnight" in Greek? How do you greet an acquittance or a stranger on the street? Today you will learn the most common Gre.

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What is "Good morning!" in Greek and how to say it? American English Good morning! Greek Καλημέρα! More Meet & Greet Vocabulary in Greek American English Greek Good afternoon! Καλησπέρα! Good evening! Καλησπέρα! Good night! Καληνύχτα! Fine, thank you. Καλά, ευχαριστώ. And you? Και εσύ; Me too. Κι εγώ. Excuse me! Συγγνώμη! You're welcome! Παρακαλώ!

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How to Say Good Morning in Greek Καλημέρα - Kalimera: used to greet someone in the morning but also during the day. Literally translates to "good day". How to Say Good Night in Greek Καληνύχτα - Kalinychta: used before going to sleep. Other Greek Greetings Based On The Time of Day Καλό μεσημέρι - Kalo Mesimeri: Have a Nice Midday

Καλημέρα (Good Morning in Greek) Hello!

Learn how to say good morning in Greek with the Professor with the Bow - Tie. Learn to greet in a formal and informal way. Teaching Greek and how to apply th.

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How to say good morning in Greek Greek Translation καλημέρα kali̱méra More Greek words for good morning καλή μέρα kalí̱ méra good morning κεφάτο kefáto good morning Find more words! good morning See Also in English good adjective καλός, αγαθός morning noun, adjective πρωί, πρωινός, πρωία say good morning καλό καλοκαίρι Nearby Translations good mood

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When To Greet People By Saying "Good Morning" There are a few situations where you can say "Good Morning (Καλημέρα)" to someone in Greek. Etiquette rules should be followed when using this phrase. In Greece, it is customary to greet the room when walking into a public place.

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