ButterInjected Turkey recipe

Butter Turkey Injection Recipe BBQ Grill and Smoke

Place broth and butter into a microwave-safe bowl. Set on high for 1 minute until the butter has liquified and the broth has warmed. Remove from microwave and combine broth and melted butter with lemon juice. Add remaining ingredients and stir through. Let stand for 10 minutes, and whisk through once more before using.

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Why use a turkey injection marinade. Large turkeys, meaning turkeys over 15 pounds, have quite a bit of mass. Breast meat, in particular, benefits from a little extra moisture. This honey-white wine turkey injection marinade imparts a delicious buttery flavor and will help keep the meat moist during the cooking process.

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Plan for 1/2 an ounce of marinade for every 5 pounds of a whole turkey. Plan to inject the turkey right before cooking. Don't too it too early and do it AFTER rubbing with seasoning or butter (if you are doing either of these). The pressure from the massage will push out the marinade.

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1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 2. In a medium bowl, combine the butter, Cajun seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, honey, Dijon mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. 3. Using a sharp knife, make several deep slits in the turkey breast and thighs. 4.

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Insert the needle into the thickest part of the turkey, aiming for the breast and thigh muscles. Slowly inject the butter, withdrawing the needle as you go for even distribution. Inject in multiple spots for thorough coverage. Remember, practicing proper hygiene and technique leads to a flavorful and moist turkey.

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Fill a bowl or pan with hot, soapy water. Insert the tip of the injector into the soapy water and pull back the plunger to fill the injector cylinder. Push the plunger down to force the soapy water through the needle. Do this several times until it is thoroughly clean, aiming away from you into the kitchen sink.

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For a variation, add finely chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro, and oregano. Once the injection is cool, blend at high speed with the fresh herbs. Strain through a mesh sieve to ensure the fibrous leftovers of the herbs don't pass into the injector. Get the Recipe. 07 of 07.

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In a small sauce pan, add the shallot and the garlic to the melted butter. Simmer on very low for about twenty minutes stirring occasionally. Add the sage, thyme, salt, pepper, orange zest, and white wine. Let simmer for fifteen more minutes to cook off the alcohol, stirring occasionally. Add the orange juice. Strain this into a bowl.

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Basting: Basting the turkey with the melted butter from the injection helps to keep it moist and adds an extra layer of flavor. Resting: Allowing the butter-injected turkey to rest for 15-20 minutes before carving ensures that the juices redistribute, resulting in a moist and flavorful meat. Flavor Combinations:

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Inject turkey with seasoning: Insert the tip of the turkey injector into the thickest parts of the turkey meat, starting from the breast and moving down to the thighs. As you are injecting the marinade, be free to go in at least one inch deep at a 45-degree angle, pushing ½ ounce of marinade per site.

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1. Prepare the turkey by removing the neck and giblets from the cavity of the bird. Hold onto the giblets if you want to make giblet gravy. 2. Make the injection marinade by melting the butter with the chicken stock and lemon juice in a small saucepan. Whisk in the onion powder, black pepper, white pepper, and salt.

ButterInjected Turkey recipe

Directions. Mix all ingredients in a pot and simmer for five minutes then cool. Strain cooled sauce. Using an injection needle, inject liquid into the turkey throughout all the breast and thighs. Make one hole, inject 1/3 of the liquid and move needle 1/3 of a turn to inject a 1/3 turn again and inject remaining.

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1. Make your injection liquid. Melt a stick of unsalted butter and combine with hot sauce, lemon juice, chicken broth, salt, onion powder, and garlic powder and whisk together. Place your turkey on a tray to avoid creating a mess. 2. Inject the turkey. Once the ingredients are combined, fill your injector and press into the meat of the turkey.

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Once turkey breast reaches temp, remove the casing / netting from each breast, wrap each breast with 1 stick of butter and coat it with honey. Return wrapped turkey breast to grill / smoker and cook until the internal temperature reaches 160º-165º.

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Bring the apple cider to a simmer in a saucepan over medium heat. The Spruce / Wanda Abraham. Stir in honey and mix until smooth. The Spruce / Wanda Abraham. Remove pan from heat and stir in beer and Cajun seasoning. Let stand 3 to 4 minutes before using a marinade injector to season your turkey. The Spruce / Wanda Abraham.

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Insert a meat thermometer into the center of one of the inside thigh muscles without the thermometer touching the bone. Cover turkey loosely with foil. Roast in a 325 degree F oven for 2-1/2 hours. Brie Goldman. For glaze, in a small saucepan, heat and stir 1/4 cup honey and butter until butter is melted.