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Add instant color to your bar tray by incorporating a bowl of fruit. Limes, lemons, and oranges are all nice and vibrant but also come in handy when mixing up cocktails. If you don't use your bar supplies often but are looking for a colorful accent, you can always go the fake fruit route, too. 31 of 36.

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The Rest of the Utensils. Be sure to have a pairing knife, measuring spoons, bar strainer, and stirring rod on hand as well. The same stainless steel or glass rule should apply to those utensils too. Finally, a cutting board, coaster, and set of napkins will keep the bar area and furniture free from undesired ring residue.

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Embrace the Ice. Every bar needs ice, and having the proper cube just makes sense for certain cocktails. There are the big square ones, the large spheres, the shaved ice, and so forth, and with all the silicone molds that are available now, it's easier than ever to have a variety of ice cubes on hand. To make things a bit more special, you.

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Provide appetizer plates, spreaders, knives, forks, and napkins for everyone - then let them "be creative" in assembling their sandwiches as they wish. Display a variety of breads such as French bread, bagels, rye, wheat, and sourdough. Have a toaster on hand, too, in case some may like warm, crunchy bread. Add snacks and munchies like.

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A taco bar is an easy and delicious way to feed a hungry crowd, and guests will love getting to build their tacos. With tons of tasty toppings to choose from, everyone can customize their taco to suit their tastes perfectly. Keep reading for everything you need to know about setting up the ultimate taco bar at home!. My other favorites are a 7-layer dip with tortilla chips, and I love a vodka.

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2. Fresh citrus juice makes all the difference. Get an electric citrus juicer or use a hand juicer and squeeze a bunch in advance. Set out cleaned and dried fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, basil, thyme and tarragon. Pre slice some ingredients and leave out a cutting board so your guests can slice more on their own.

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Step 6-Provide the Garnish. Adding a garnish to your homemade cocktail really elevates it. I recommend a couple simple garnishes that will work for almost any cocktail and make a great addition to your bar. Cut up a lime and lemon, place in a little bowl or dish and you've instantly rounded out your bar set up.

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1. Tell guests about the station upon arrival. As guests arrive, be sure to point out both the location and theme of the drink station. Even better, let guests know about your plans to have a drink station when you invite them, and encourage them to bring whatever ingredients they may favor as well.

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Ingredients. 1 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine, Cava or Prosecco (makes about 8 mimosas) variety of juices such as orange juice, pomegranate juice, peach nectar, mango juice, etc. fresh fruits like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate seeds. fresh herbs like mint, basil, rosemary sprigs.

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Step 2: Set Up the Bar. Once you've planned the food elements, you'll need a place to display them. Consider setting up your trail mix bar on a buffet-style table, counter, or other easily accessible area. You'll need space for several small bowls, trays, and display items. We used a collection of small bowls and dishes scattered on serving.

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When you a wine and beer bar, allow up to 3 beers, 2 mixers and 2 glasses of wine per head. For a party of 50 guests, that translates to between 12 and 13 dozen beers, 9 dozen mixers and 20 bottles of wine. You can add two bottles of cordial (orange and lime are generally the most popular), a bottle of bitters, and some fruit juice options to.

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Blend fresh strawberries and basil with a bit of lemon to create a bright base. Set it out on your bar station with assorted spirits and sparkling water. You'll Need: A mixer, vodka, tequila, rum, sparkling water, fresh lemon slices, basil, sliced strawberries, ice, and glasses. 16 of 22.

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The first rule of stocking your bar is to choose spirits you enjoy. This is the only way to develop a knack for making and appreciating cocktails. Once you nail a few favorite cocktails, your interest and palate for other spirits are bound to expand—we guarantee it. The second rule is to not try to do it all at once.

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If you are putting up a collapsible table for your bar, make sure it is about 30 inches (76 cm) wide and 6 feet (182 cm) long, to avoid a long wait for drinks. 5. Decide if you prefer a self-serve bar or a bartender. Hire a bartender a month to a few weeks in advance, as the good freelance bartenders book up early. 6.

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Fresh Mint. Fresh Rosemary. Citrus wedges (lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit) Berries (blueberries, sliced strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) 5. Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Liquors for Your DIY Bar. For a cocktail bar, pick your favorite liquors. This is a great way to introduce your guests to brands you love.

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Construct a unique outdoor bar that is sure to make your backyard the envy of neighbors with this DIY pallet bar for under $100. You'll need 9 pallets, 7 2x4x8 outdoor treated wood, 3-inch galvanized decking screws (brace & roof planks), 1 ½-inch galvanized deck screws (bar top), and 1 ½-inch screw for the countertops & slats.